I wrote another book!

First off, I'm sorry I've not been as on top of updating my website recently! I promise, I have some new pieces that I've made this year that I will be adding soon(ish). I just need to finish tidying up the photos and watermarking them first and then they'll be ready to list. However, there is a very good reason for my absense.

Midland Summer Art Fair 2023

Had a great time this weekend at the Midland Summer Art Fair!! God abundantly answered prayers for this weekend. The weather was perfect, the show well attended, and sales were great! It was great getting to talk to everyone, seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again at next years show.

New designs just hit the store!

Hi, all! Long time, no update! I know it's been really quietly here lately, but, with my first show of the year being last weekend, I finally got back into making some new pieces. I actually intended to get back to my jewellery work in March, but have been busy dealing with commissions as a freelance digital artist.

Plans for the rest of 2021

Okay, so, after much consideration, I wanted to let people know what my plans are for my website and other pages for the rest of the year regarding my on-going projects etc. For those that don't know from my other pages, my sister was recently called home to the Lord and I am currently in recovery from the same illness. Because of the physical and emotional healing that is needed right now, I am temporarily having to place my jewellery work and other artist pursuits on hold.

My jewellery work: 

Patreon - Plans for September

At long last, August is over! Usually, I'm wondering how a month went by so quickly (which the exception of the winters months that always seem to just drag), but, after the craziness of this last month, I'm really just relieved and looking forward to a less frantic pace.

So, with that in mind and the shows over for the summer, here's my tentative plans for September on Patreon:

Jewellery Goals:

A Reminder of God's Goodness

Woke up today to a reminder of God's goodness! Last night, we had a severe thunderstorm move through around midnight. Torrential rains to wear you could hardly see a thing out the windows, constant flickering of lightning, and thunder and wind that actually shook the house. We kept power, thankfully, but it did flicker and some very close by lightning strikes tripped our breakers. However, the entire rest of town is on a different power grid than we are and is without power. The tree carnage throughout town is fairly extensive!

Tawas Waterfront Fine Arts Festival 2021


Today was day one of the Tawas Waterfront Fine Arts Festival! The weather was perfect! Which, if you're familiar with Tawas, Michigan, you know is a real blessing! Many, many years the wind off the bay has been so strong it's nearly blown over my tent. Today though, was beautiful and, after not being able to be there last year, it was great to be back and see everyone. I saw many familiar faces and got to meet a lot of new ones. On top of all that, it's also been a great first day of sales and I'm praying tomorrow will be just as good!

Patreon - Plans for August

Welcome to August, everyone! With two shows this month, August will probably be a bit quieter than normal on Patreon, but I still have things planned.

Art Goals:

Finished a new batch of earrings!

With two shows coming up next month, I've been busy restocking my inventory of copper earrings! I've not listed any of these yet as I just posted them this morning to Patreon for patrons to get first dibs options, but, here's a little teaser of what's coming.


Patreon - Plans for June

New month, new goals for my Patreon page! Still hard to believe it's June already, but here we are!

Here are my project plans for June!

Art Goals:

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