A Reminder of God's Goodness

Woke up today to a reminder of God's goodness! Last night, we had a severe thunderstorm move through around midnight. Torrential rains to wear you could hardly see a thing out the windows, constant flickering of lightning, and thunder and wind that actually shook the house. We kept power, thankfully, but it did flicker and some very close by lightning strikes tripped our breakers. However, the entire rest of town is on a different power grid than we are and is without power. The tree carnage throughout town is fairly extensive! This is part of what we woke up to in our own yard this morning.



Thankfully, the Lord kept everything from falling on anything important! They could have easily fallen on our fruit trees, vegetable garden, or on my dad's brand new shed/workshop, but, instead, they fell in all the empty places between. Incredibly thankful this morning for His protection during the night and that this happened now, during the middle of the week, and not last weekend or even this coming weekend when my dad's supposed to be at another outdoor two-day show (an antiques festival this time rather than an art show).

Edit: Well, I spoke(typed) too soon about not losing power! Around 4pm Wednesday, our power went out and it didn't come back for over 24hrs. Thankfully, they got the power back up last night and we didn't have to wait until late afternoon Monday like they were saying. We took a drive around town yesterday to see what the damage was and, wow, I have never seen so many trees/parts of trees down at one time in this town in the whole time we've been living here! There wasn't a single road that didn't have debri scattered all over and not small branches either, but some pretty large ones and even entire (large) trees uprooted in some places. We're hearing it's the same thing across pretty much the whole region.

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