Patreon - Plans for August

Welcome to August, everyone! With two shows this month, August will probably be a bit quieter than normal on Patreon, but I still have things planned.

Art Goals:

  • Make more progress on the creature concept. I've started painting the scales, but they still need a fair bit of refining and there are still some alterations to the creature's form that I need to make.
  • Finish (or come close to it) the other WIP painting I started around the end of June.
  • Start work on a couple new texture/texture reference packs. I started doing the photographing yesterday for a new pack, but overestimated how much battery life I had left so didn't get to finish the shoot. Depending on how many photos I end up with, I may split them into multiple packs, but, the first, will likely not be out for another month or two.

Jewellery Goals:

  • As far as my jewellery is concerned, my goal is just making sure I'm ready for all my shows (I have two of them this month). If you've never done a show before, let me just tell you that they are exhausting! Besides all the work of the actual show day(s) from setup to takedown, there is so much prep that goes into a show before you even get there. It's great getting to show off my work all day for a day or two, but, by the end of it, I am absolutely beat and often physically hurting because of my hip problems.

Writing Goals:

  • Share the sixth chapter draft for An Inkling of Magic (posted yesterday!).
  • Start writing October's chapter installment.
  • Progress on the book resurrection project has been pretty slow lately (just haven't had much time for it this past month), but I'd still like to see at least another 5k words added by the end of August.
  • Share the third chapter draft of From the Ashes (this will be in the third week of August).
  • Finish writing chapter eight of From the Ashes and at least get a start on chapter nine.

There are some other things (particularly regarding my digital art which you can see on my ArtStation website) that I'd love to see happen this month, but they're not likely to happen just yet. However, once my shows are done for the summer, I will be hitting the writing and digital painting hard!

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