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Plans for the rest of 2021

Okay, so, after much consideration, I wanted to let people know what my plans are for my website and other pages for the rest of the year regarding my on-going projects etc. For those that don't know from my other pages, my sister was recently called home to the Lord and I am currently in recovery from the same illness. Because of the physical and emotional healing that is needed right now, I am temporarily having to place my jewellery work and other artist pursuits on hold.

My jewellery work: 

Discontinued Collections

Hi, all! After much thought and consideration, I've discontinued the upcycled and wire-work collections from my store. While I love both, I felt that they didn't really mesh well with the direction I am taking my work in and overall aesthetic I wish for my work. I will still be incorporating a few upcycled pieces, such as my Victoriana collection or the occasional Steampunk design, and some wire-work in with the rest of my work, but only where it fits. Instead, I will be expanding more into metalsmithing and, particularly, hybrid pieces of chainmaille and smithing.

Patreon Page Launched!

I'm super excited to announce the launch of my Patreon page! What is Patreon? Patreon is an arts centered subscription service where the you, the patrons, can partner with artists to receive amazing behind-the-scenes access, a community experience, and other great rewards. What can you expect to find on my Patreon page? Well, that all depends on which tier you choose. I've broken down my tiers based on art form so the content and rewards are catered specifically to your interest(s). Here's the tier breakdown:

What's new at Handmaden Designs LLC

Wow, can't believe it's been so long since I made a blog post!  First off, sorry about that!  Now, onto what's new.

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