Hi! I will be on vacation until June 23rd, but all orders will be shipped promptly on the 24th after I get back. Thank you for your patience!

Plans for the rest of 2021

Okay, so, after much consideration, I wanted to let people know what my plans are for my website and other pages for the rest of the year regarding my on-going projects etc. For those that don't know from my other pages, my sister was recently called home to the Lord and I am currently in recovery from the same illness. Because of the physical and emotional healing that is needed right now, I am temporarily having to place my jewellery work and other artist pursuits on hold.

My jewellery work: 

I have canceled my last show for the year and will resume them next summer/spring. My online store is currently closed, but I will reopen it when I feel I have the strength to get back upstairs (where my bedroom/workroom is) as I'm just not up to it physically yet. New projects are also largely on hold (can't play with fire while still hooked up to oxygen!). Once my shop reopens, I will also be reopen for limited custom orders.

My writing:

I still have two more months of chapter drafts for my fairytale retelling From the Ashes that I've been sharing with supporters on Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee, and Subscribe Star, and will continue to post them on their normal third week of the month schedule. However, I will not be working on any new chapter drafts, book resurrection progress, etc. until the new year. I just don't think I'll be able to focus well on writing until we are past the upcoming holidays (and my sister's birthday which is in November) which will be difficult this year without my sister. Should I find I can, I will, but between my physical healing (I am still so tired!) and the emotional healing, I just don't see myself being able to write well until then. 

My artwork:

Of all of my projects, this is the one I see being able to work on sooner than anything else. I can't give any idea yet on when new artwork will be available, just that I do see myself being able to paint much sooner than write or create jewellery. I don't know, perhaps it's because artwork is often so connected with emotion and, right now, emotion is something I am overflowing with. So, if I post anything more on Patreon this year, expect it to be digital paintings.

Other stuff:

As the page is going to be largely silent until the new year, I won't be doing my weekly Patreon updates or posts about my monthly plans until the new year unless I actually have something to share.

Thank you all so much for your support and understanding during this time! 

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