Patreon - Plans for April

New month means a new list of project goals! Well, at least partially new as there some carryovers from last month. As always, this isn't a complete list of everything I'm working on, just the major ones that I'd like to finish this month (or at least make significant progress on).

Patreon Project Goals for March

Welcome to March everyone! We've survived another month in this crazy, crazy time. A new month though means I've a new list of project goals that I'm looking to share with everyone during this month! This list covers all of my fields: jewellery, digital painting, and writing. Here's a peek at some of what's on it:

Winter Festival 2021

Hi, all! After a year of practically no shows, I'm super excited to announce that, tomorrow and Sunday, I'll be exhibiting my jewellery at the Winter Festival in Midland, Michigan! The show is hosted at the Midland Center for the Arts and is from 11am-5pm Saturday, Feb. 6th and 11am-4pm Sunday, Feb.7th. I'll be at booth #7 and I hope to see you all there!

EDIT: booth number update! My space was changed from booth 7 to booth 2.


Hi, all! I have a question for you. I'm always hearing that a newsletter is very important, but, up to this point, I've never set one up. So, my first question for you is this: would you be interested in signing up for a newsletter? If so, my second question is this: how often do you like to receive newsletters? The last thing I want to do is flood anyone's inbox with more newsletters than you want.

Patreon - What to expect for October.



Patreon Redesigned

Hi, all! Just wanted to let everyone know that it's now easier than ever to support my art on Patreon! After long consideration, I decided to ditch the old tier format I had and just combine all my creative pursuits together. That means, you no longer have the issue of liking the rewards and content of one tier, but only being able to afford the tiers below it. Now, you can just pick the support tier that works best for you (or create a custome pledge!) and enjoy the same content as all the other patrons.

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