Hi! I will be on vacation until June 23rd, but all orders will be shipped promptly on the 24th after I get back. Thank you for your patience!


Patreon Redesigned

Hi, all! Just wanted to let everyone know that it's now easier than ever to support my art on Patreon! After long consideration, I decided to ditch the old tier format I had and just combine all my creative pursuits together. That means, you no longer have the issue of liking the rewards and content of one tier, but only being able to afford the tiers below it. Now, you can just pick the support tier that works best for you (or create a custome pledge!) and enjoy the same content as all the other patrons.

Discontinued Collections

Hi, all! After much thought and consideration, I've discontinued the upcycled and wire-work collections from my store. While I love both, I felt that they didn't really mesh well with the direction I am taking my work in and overall aesthetic I wish for my work. I will still be incorporating a few upcycled pieces, such as my Victoriana collection or the occasional Steampunk design, and some wire-work in with the rest of my work, but only where it fits. Instead, I will be expanding more into metalsmithing and, particularly, hybrid pieces of chainmaille and smithing.

Tutorial Tier on Patreon?

So, I've been approached many times at shows and online about whether or not I teach classes, sell tutorials, or have a book out for some of my weaves and designs. Now, I've written a few tutorials in the past on Maille Artisans, but I've not written any for years and have mixed thoughts on it. Making jewellery is my business, it's how I'm trying to make my living, so teaching others how to recreate my original work at times seems counterproductive to me.

New Designs Coming Soon!

I've been busy getting ready for the Tawas Waterfront Fine Arts Festival next weekend and just wanted to give you all a sneak peek of some of the newest pieces! I've not listed them yet, but will be doing so after next week's show. Here, however, are two of my favorite new pieces.

A beautiful copper statement necklace using four different chainmaille weaves (4 Winds Spiked, Crotalus, Inverted Aura, and Half Persian 3in1) featuring green annodized titanium scales and Unakite.


I'm Back!

Hi, everyone! So sorry for the long silence! Life has been crazy for the last few years. I've been through carbon monoxide poisoning which absolutely drained me of all energy for doing shows and left me exhausted and unfocused. Everytime I tried to pick up my pliers to work on a new piece I simply couldn't do it and quickly packed it all away. Inspiration and energy was gone and the joy I usually get from creating was nowhere to be found. Add to this, there were other personnel stresses being lived though and when one ended another one started.

Patreon Page Launched!

I'm super excited to announce the launch of my Patreon page! What is Patreon? Patreon is an arts centered subscription service where the you, the patrons, can partner with artists to receive amazing behind-the-scenes access, a community experience, and other great rewards. What can you expect to find on my Patreon page? Well, that all depends on which tier you choose. I've broken down my tiers based on art form so the content and rewards are catered specifically to your interest(s). Here's the tier breakdown:

Author Website Now live!

Hi all! Sorry for the long silence, I've been very busy. Besides working on some new jewelry pieces (no, contrary to what rumours may be abounding, I have not forgotten my first artistic love), I have also been busy working on my second novel, re-doing the coverart for my first novel, and launching a new website.  I am very pleased to announce that two of those tasks have been accomplished! With the re-do of my bookcover complete, I was able to move forward on the website and it just launched today!

Here's a look at the new bookcover! Click on it to visit my author website!

Miss Gemquist and the Pearl of Peking bookcover redo

Paperback Released!

The paperback of Miss Gemquist and the Pearl of Peking is now available on Amazon! Just $16.95 for a paperback copy, or $2.99 for the ebook. Alternatively, you can also read the ebook for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. 

Book Release!

Okay, so I know I've been very quiet on here lately, but it's not without reason. Back in early May I started a new not-quite-jewelry-related project and something that I've dabbled in off-and-on but not pushed as hard as I have with this one............. writing a novel. I've started many and eventually I may finish them. However, spurred on by some unpleasantness I was (and still am) dealing with in my life, I started writing again more seriously and the Lord brought this idea into my mind while working on a completely different book.

TAG Gifting - CW's 'Arrow'

Just sent of a package for another TAG gifting event! This time, The Artisan Group is gifting the wardrobe stylist of CW's show 'Arrow' for possible use of our pieces on the show. For this one, I made a sterling silver, smithing and chainwork necklace with Iron Pyrite and opaque Blue Sapphire beads.  The necklace measures at about 16.25 inches long.

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