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At long last, August is over! Usually, I'm wondering how a month went by so quickly (which the exception of the winters months that always seem to just drag), but, after the craziness of this last month, I'm really just relieved and looking forward to a less frantic pace.

So, with that in mind and the shows over for the summer, here's my tentative plans for September on Patreon:

Jewellery Goals:

  • I'm not planning to do a lot of jewellery work for at least the next month-and-a-half, but I will likely do at least a little dabbling with it. Possibly just some sketch work or some simpler projects like making more of the components I introduced in one of my newer lines of bracelets and earrings (see picture below) as these pieces have been really well received at my shows. Another possibility is to start work on a more personal project. There's something that I've been wanting to make, but is rather complicated so I haven't begun the actual construction of it yet, only researched and brainstormed how to do it. So, I might start drawing out the template for it.


Art Goals:

  • Finish at least one of my current digital painting projects.
  • Finally start that second character portrait.
  • Play around with Blender.
  • Start putting together the next texture/reference pack for either a September or October release.

Writing Goals:

  • Release chapter (draft) 7 of An Inkling of Magic. (Released last week!)
  • Finish writing October's chapter of An Inkling of Magic.
  • Add at least another 8k-10k words on the book resurrection project.
  • Share the third chapter (draft) of From the Ashes.
  • Finish writing chapter 8 of From the Ashes.
  • Start on chapter 9 for both An Inkling of Magic and From the Ashes (if previous writing goals are met early).
  • Possibly enter SFF's September's 75 Word Writing Challenge. (I still have a couple previous entries to share here sometime! I was just planning to do some artwork to accompany them. If I do enter it this month though, it may be a little bit before I share it here unless it's one that I don't feel lends itself to artwork.)

So, these are my project plans for the month as they appear right now. Writing is my primary focus for the month with a secondary focus on the digital art. Jewellery will be taking a backseat for at least this month and, likely, partly into next unless I get contacted for custom work. If you'd like to follow along with them, I'd love to invite you to become either a patron or follower on Patreon!

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