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Hi, all! After much thought and consideration, I've discontinued the upcycled and wire-work collections from my store. While I love both, I felt that they didn't really mesh well with the direction I am taking my work in and overall aesthetic I wish for my work. I will still be incorporating a few upcycled pieces, such as my Victoriana collection or the occasional Steampunk design, and some wire-work in with the rest of my work, but only where it fits. Instead, I will be expanding more into metalsmithing and, particularly, hybrid pieces of chainmaille and smithing. So, if you follow a link to my store and get a 'product no longer available' message, I am very sorry! I've tried to track down many of these links to redirect them, but there are simply too many of them. So please, if you've seen a piece from one of these collections and wanted to purchase it, the odds are I still have it somewhere and you are certainly welcome to give it a new home! Just drop me an email through my contact link to ask about the piece and I will work out sending you an invoice. 

In the meantime, I have several new designs planned matching my new direction and I hope you will enjoy them! If you'd like to get sneak peeks at new work, first dibs options on finished pieces, or simply love my work and would like to support it in some small way, then please drop by my Patreon page! It's undergone some changes since my last announcement and, now, all support tiers receive the same level of access to all my work, whether jewellery, illustration art, or writing, simply choose the tier that best suits you or make acustom pledge. Thank you for your continued support of my work and I hope to see some of you at my next show (whenever that may be!). Until then, I hope you are all safe and doing well!

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