Tutorial Tier on Patreon?

So, I've been approached many times at shows and online about whether or not I teach classes, sell tutorials, or have a book out for some of my weaves and designs. Now, I've written a few tutorials in the past on Maille Artisans, but I've not written any for years and have mixed thoughts on it. Making jewellery is my business, it's how I'm trying to make my living, so teaching others how to recreate my original work at times seems counterproductive to me. However, I am not entirely opposed to it either, I just don't want to damage my business by helping people to, essentially, copy another's work (an issue I've been very vocal about within the chainmaille community for many years).

So, here's what I'm considering and would like your thoughts on. If I were to add a tutorial tier to my Patreon account, is this a subscription tier that you would be interested in? I've not decided for sure that I will offer such, thus putting out feelers as to whether or not to consider it as a future option.

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