Patreon Page Launched!

I'm super excited to announce the launch of my Patreon page! What is Patreon? Patreon is an arts centered subscription service where the you, the patrons, can partner with artists to receive amazing behind-the-scenes access, a community experience, and other great rewards. What can you expect to find on my Patreon page? Well, that all depends on which tier you choose. I've broken down my tiers based on art form so the content and rewards are catered specifically to your interest(s). Here's the tier breakdown:

  • Kudos ($2 per month)
  • Mega-Kudos ($10 per month)
  • Bookworms ($25 per month)
  • Artlovers ($30 per month)
  • Bring on the Bling! ($50 per month)
  • One Tier to Rule Them All! ($100 per month)

The first two tiers are 'sampler' tiers giving increasing limited access to exclusive posts from the BookwormsArtlovers, and Bring on the Bling! tiers. The later tiers are specific to your interests: 

Bookworms: everything and anything related to my novels and adventures in fiction writing.

Artlovers: illustration/concept art related posts and rewards.

- Bring on the Bling!: jewellery related tier giving sneak peaks on new projects, first dibs option on pieces from new collections, custom jewellery, and more!

The final tier, One Tier to Rule Them All!, gives you 'all-access' to every post and reward from each of the tiers!

Interested? Visit me on Patreon to learn more and sign up!

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