Patreon Redesigned

Hi, all! Just wanted to let everyone know that it's now easier than ever to support my art on Patreon! After long consideration, I decided to ditch the old tier format I had and just combine all my creative pursuits together. That means, you no longer have the issue of liking the rewards and content of one tier, but only being able to afford the tiers below it. Now, you can just pick the support tier that works best for you (or create a custome pledge!) and enjoy the same content as all the other patrons.

Never heard of Patreon before? Patreon is a platform that helps connects creatives like me with those that love our work and want to be a part of it. It's the modern-day version of the patronage system that's helped support artists for centuries. Living as an artist is a difficult thing, and this year has been especially hard for many of us with the events and shows we rely on being cancelled. By pledging your support on Patreon (either per creation or per month depending on how the artist's set their page up), you help to give stability in an unstable career choice and, in return, gain exculsive inside access into their creative process, early access and first dibs options on new work, the ability to give creative input to help an artist as they develope a new line, and so much more! Your pledge can be as low as just a $1 (trust me, every bit helps and is appreciate more than any of us can put into words!) or as high as you want to go!

Sound interesting? Visit my page on Patreon for more information and choose a support tier! 

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