Patreon - Plans for June

New month, new goals for my Patreon page! Still hard to believe it's June already, but here we are!

Here are my project plans for June!

Art Goals:

  • With the first character portrait finished, it's on to the second one! I may not finish it this month (though I will try!), but I want to at least have it well underway by end of the month.
  • So, I didn't make any progress on the creature concept paint and ended up finishing an even older project instead which means it's back on June's project list.
  • I have started tinkering with Blender, just to familiarize myself with the interface, but I haven't actually made anything with it yet. I'd like to go over some of the tutorials on either ArtStation or YouTube this month so I can start work on a simple project and properly learn the software.
  • If the second portrait goes faster than the previous one, I'll work on that new Photoshop brush pack I've been meaning to get to.

Jewelry Goals:

  • Start a new smithing project! No idea what yet, but the necklace is finished and, with my show in Midland, MI now over (it went great by the way!), I'll be looking over what gaps I have in my inventory to see what I need to replace! I'm currently exhausted after the weekend, so, I likely won't start anything new until next week after I've had a bit of time to rest.

Writing Goals:

  • Share the fourth chapter draft of An Inkling of Magic. (Which I plan to do tomorrow!)
  • Finish writing August's chapter draft and start on September's.
  • Didn't quite make my 8k-12k word count goal for book two of The Gemquist Chronicles, which is not close to 36k total word count, but my goal is the same this month as it was last month.
  • Start sharing chapter drafts of From the Ashes. I've started writing chapter four and, once I have five chapters finished, I plan to start sharing here for patrons. It'll be a bit longer yet before they start showing up on Royal Road, but I'll announce it once they become available! 

A miscellaneous goal is to have that 'table of contents' post I've been working on ready to post, if not this month, than hopefully next month to make navigating my Patreon page easier.

As always, expect to see at least one or two goals carried over to next month, but, you never know! Maybe I'll actually complete them all this month!

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