Patreon - Plans for April

New month means a new list of project goals! Well, at least partially new as there some carryovers from last month. As always, this isn't a complete list of everything I'm working on, just the major ones that I'd like to finish this month (or at least make significant progress on).

  • Finish the dark version, unicorn painting. (Goal met! The art share post will be public on Thursday!)
  • Make good progress towards finishing the current creature concept paint in my 'Zoological Oddities' series.
  • The second chapter draft of An Inkling of Magic is already up, but I'd still like to make an art piece or two to go with it and have that edited in before it goes public on the 22nd.
  • Finish the necklace I started making out of scrap silver sheet.
  • Finish the earrings I'm donating to the school auction at my church.
  • Get May's chapter draft ready to post and start working on June's chapter.
  • Add another 5k-10k words to my book resurrection project. Book two of The Gemquist Chronicles just passed 23k over the weekend, but I still have a lot more to write.
  • Work on another Photoshop brushpack.

Also, something new that I'm going to be starting up, I do a lot of research as I write or when I'm designing a new jewellery piece and I was thinking that I'd start sharing some of that research here with patrons.

Also, quick question, is there anything that you'd like to see me post more of? If there is, please let me know! I'd also appreciate knowing whether you prefer my posting more or less content per week as I'm still trying to find that perfect balance between what I can keep up with and how much new content everyone would like to see per week.

If you would like to have access to my supporter only posts, early access to art/jewellery/chapter draft releases, and to have first dibs options on new jewellery designs with 15% off (and more fun supporter only perks!), support my art on Patreon, Subscribe Star, or Buy Me a Coffee!

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