A Tale of Two Blogs

If you are reading this, then you have found that my website also has a built in blog;  another thing that you may have noticed is the distinct lack of posts.  My apologies about this, but there is reason for the apparent silence of my website blog. 

You see, I actually happen to have two blogs.  The blog that is built into my website, and t he blog I set up years ago with Blogger.  I could have tried to transfer all of my blog posts from my first blog to me new secondary blog, but that seemed a little strange to me.  1) I wasn't sure if all of them would properly transfer over, and 2) I wasn't sure I wanted to stop posting in the old blog as that one already had followers.  And so the result is two separate blogs, and one more silent than the other. 

If you visit both my blogs (you may find my other one at: handmadendesigns.blogspot.com), you will find that while some blog posts are present in both blogs, there are some posts that are only found on one of the other blog. 

Most of the posts here, will be about upcoming shows, events, or other new and exciting information about my artwork or, perhaps, about myself, that I just wanted to share with everyone.  On my other blog, some of these posts will be cross-posted, but I also blog about other gem, jewelry, or art related subjects.  One of my favorites, is a weekly blog post that I make about gemstones.  Every week (unless somehow prevented from doing so) I choose an interesting gem to write about as that week's featured "Gemstone of the Week" blog post.  Sometimes it's a well known gem such as Garnet, topaz, ruby, etc., but most often I chose a highly obscure gemstone that, by-and-large, will only be known to a gemologist/mineralogist/geologist or the serious rock/gem collector.

Why post about a gem almost no one has heard of? In short, why not.  Why stick to writing about gems that are well known to most people, when there are so many just as beautiful (and sometimes more so) gemstones out there begging to be enjoyed? It takes these hidden gems out of obscurity so that just a few more people can enjoy the beauty of what our great God has created. These posts also serve another purpose.  They help me to search out potential interesting gemstones to incorporate into my own work to make it just that much more unique.

So if you'd like to learn about the beautiful and obscure gems of God's creation, you may read about some of them on my other blog at: handmadendesigns.blogspot.com

I hope you'll drop by and perhaps even choose follow!


This is very much great and

This is very much great and hope fully nice blog.

Thank you! I will be trying

Thank you! I will be trying to do more with this blog, but presently am trying to figure out how to maintain both blogs and not be posting duplicate posts all the time.

Can I get the link of the

Can I get the link of the week featured blog post ‘Gemstone of the week’. It seems to be the interesting one.

mc beads

You can find my gemstone blog

You can find my gemstone blog posts at http://handmadendesigns.blogspot.com. I will be trying to do more with this blog also, but am not sure what yet as I do not want to just be posting duplicate information all the time. I may though start, at the end of each month, posting here a list of all the gemstones featured for that month on my other blog along with the links to each blogpost.

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