Liusaidh (Pendant)(Tantalum/Sterling Silver)

Liusaidh (Pendant)(Tantalum/Sterling Silver)
Sterling silver and tantalum Chelydra chainmaille pendant

Liusaidh is a very elegant chainmaille design based on the weave: Chelydra.  Every link in this pedant has been coiled and cut entirely by hand.  It is made from sterling silver and tantalum wire with a freswhater pearl drop.  Tantalum is a very rare, and absolutely beautiful metal.  It is naturally a gray-ish purple in colour, and is related to the better known, and far less rare, metal niobium.  The pendant measures at just over 2.5 inches long and is just over 1 inch wide at the widest point.

Chelydra weave and Liusaidh design are original creations by Handmaden Designs LLC.